• Vertical grooves – excitingly contemporary alternative to traditional weatherboard.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Acrylic sealed panels aid paint application.
  • Quick to install – no need for taped and filled joints.
  • Panels resistant to termites, air, steam, salt and sunlight


For up to the minute exteriors or interiors, choose BGC Duragroove™ cladding. A peerlessly adaptable, vertically-grooved panel available in different profiles and spacing, Duragroove™ has a shiplap join to ease and speed up your installation.

Specify Duragroove™ for single-storey and medium-height projects. Duragroove™ comes in four variants: smooth wide (150mm); smooth extra wide (400mm): smooth narrow (100mm); and woodgrain wide (150mm).

Duragroove Size and Thickness