• Easy shiplap joining.
  • Factory sealed, ready for painting.
  • Quick, simple installation: manual nailing, gun nailing or screw fixing.
  • Optional face-fix or conceal-fix.


BGC Stratum™ is among the best-selling products in the Innova range. Choose one profile as a standalone, or mix-‘n’-match to create an eye-catching and original exterior cladding system.

Stratum™ 300mm is a wide plank with a 16mm horizontal joint; Stratum™ Duo 300mm is a wide plank with a 16mm centre groove and the look of two slimmer planks; Stratum™ Trio is a wide plank with two 16mm grooves; Stratum™ Contour 170mm is a slimmer plank with a 2mm indentation at the top.

Stratum Size & Thickness

Stratum Size & Thickness