VCU – Vinyl & Cork Underlay 5.0mm

  • Completely termite and rodent proof.
  • Immune to water damage.
  • Non-swelling.
  • Can also be used under parquetry floor tiles.
  • Complies with AS2908.2 – Cellulose Cement Products – Part 2 Flat Sheets


We’ve designed, tested and manufactured Vinyl & Cork Underlay sheets to deliver a smooth, durable surface for your vinyl and cork tiles. You can also use the sheets under parquetry floor tiles, and they’re water-resistant and totally proofed against termites and rodents.

Why not cut Vinyl & Cork Tile Floor Underlay sheets to size onsite? Ideally use a 180mm Durablade, remembering always to use dust-collection devices, an approved dust mask and safety glasses.

 VCU Size & Thickness